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For more than eleven years OMR, in conjunction with the Howard County Community Action Council, has helped  210 working families. Without assistance, many of them faced eviction. Thanks to your help, OMR has collected and distributed an average of nearly $20,500/year to families in need.  Since operating expenses are absorbed by OMR board members, all donated money goes to help families.
Here are some recent situations where OMR has helped:
  • A fire destroyed the apartment of a single parent of a 6-year-old. We were able to help with the first month’s rent after she managed the security deposit.
  • A woman who supports a child and a grandchild was hospitalized due to illness, losing pay as a result. We were able to cover the rent payment.
  • A single parent of four began working for the school system in April but was not paid during the summer. We assisted her with a rent payment.
  • A single mother of two went to live with her mother after her husband put her possessions out of the house, changed the locks, and threatened harm if she returned. OMR contributed a security deposit to help her relocate.
    Here are some of the Other situation where OMR has helped:
    • Family #160 A military veteran on disability was laid off from a contract labor job which does not entitle him to unemployment. The family incurred expenses from the tragic death of their 19 year old daughter. The father has been hired by the post office, but needed help with rent until he received his first paycheck.
    • Family #158 A single mother unexpectedly had her pay garnished from rent in arrears four years earlier. This caused her to be unable to meet her present rent. She has had a good record for paying rent for the intervening four years and received budgeting counseling from the Community Actions Council.
    • Family #155 A single father with three children had reduced hours as a HVAC technician in February and March due to weather conditions. This caused him to fall behind in his rent.
    • Family #154 A couple with two children lost their trailer to repossession after the husband lost his job. He was able to find a part-time job to supplement his wife’s full-time income. OMR was able to help them get into an apartment which they can now afford.
    • Family #151 A couple with five children had a fire in their home. With assistance from OMR, they were able to establish themselves in a new apartment.
    • Family #142 A family with two children and a grandmother with cancer were renting a home that went into foreclosure. The landlord had failed to pay the mortgage even though the family paid their rent regularly. They had to vacate the home and had to pay both a security deposit and the first month’s rent. OMR helped make that payment.
    • Family #141 A family of six was forced to leave New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy. They were living in a motel on Route 1 and needed help with their first month’s rent after paying a security deposit on an apartment.
    • Family #140 A single mother of two was in a car accident which caused her to miss work. Her college-age son dropped out of school and worked part-time to help meet expenses. They needed help with rent for the period of time before the mother could return to work.
    • Family #133 A father had to stop working when his physically disabled child was abused by a babysitter and had to be hospitalized. The father returned to work, but needed assistance with a missed rent payment.
    • Family #119 A single mother who works in retail had trouble paying the rent because of expenses she accrued paying for her grandmother’s funeral.
    • Family #118 A couple with a newborn had problems making their rental payment when the wife stayed home with the baby for three months, resulting in loss of income. They also received financial counseling.
    • Family #117 A single mother of two ran into financial problems when a child with a history of cancer was newly diagnosed and the other child needed extended babysitting while the mother dealt with the illness.
    • Family #116 A couple with two children encountered difficulty paying the rent when the father had to stop work temporarily due to respiratory illness.
    • Family #114 A single mother of two had to stop work following a suicide attempt by one of her children. We helped with rent until the child was stabilized on medication and the woman could resume working.
    • Family #112 A family with two children was unable to pay rent when the wife lost her job. OMR helped with the rent for a month until she began a new job.
    • Family #101 The wife of a family with three children had to leave work to care for a son who began treatment for leukemia. Although the father still worked, the loss of income affected their ability to pay their rent.
    • Family #100 A couple fell behind in rent when the wife was severely injured in a car crash and was out of work.
    • Family #97 A grandfather has the care of a 6 year-old granddaughter while his son was in and out of a mental institution. The grandfather lost his job. One Month’s Rent was able to pay his rent until income began from a new job.
    • Family #94 A husband and wife fell behind in rent because the husband’s employer moved the business to China.
    • Family #90 A woman without health insurance whose husband has dementia, exhausted her savings and fell behind on her rent after temporarily losing her job.
    • Family #89 A woman fell behind on her rent because she paid for her sister’s funeral.
    • Family #86 A single woman lost her income due to a seven week hospitalization. One Month’s Rent helped with a rent payment
    • Family #79 A mother of four needed a security deposit after she was forced to move away from her husband because of domestic violence.
    • Family #74 A single parent was on disability for a month, causing her to fall behind on her rent.
    • Family # 66 A widow with a small business and some retirement income went back to college on a scholarship. Unexpected school costs put her behind in her rent. OMR was able to able to help with rent to get her past the cash shortage.
    • Family # 63 A wife had to stop working due to Graves’ disease. The husband increased his hours to compensate for the loss of the wife’s income, but the increased income caused his Social Security payments to terminate. The decrease in income led to a request for assistance with rent.
    • Family # 62 This case was referred by the Cancer Support Center. The father of a family with four children was out of work due to illness. One of the children has cancer. Although the mother was working, they were unable to meet a rent payment and needed our assistance.
    • Family #24 This head of household is a single mother of two who is awaiting child support from her ex-husband. She works full-time in a low wage job and gets as much over-time work as she can. Her older child cares for her younger child when she works in the evening. Her rent payment of $825 consumes most of her income. We aided her by paying one month’s rent while she awaits a support payment.
    • Family #23 One Month’s Rent donated a mortgage payment of $1,203 to a widow after her husband passed away. She will be receiving her husband’s Social Security payments and will be able to meet expenses after her new job begins.
    • Family #22 This head of household separated from her husband and was left with all the family debts. She does not know where the husband is. She is a full-time teacher but was unable to raise all the money necessary to cover the mortgage which had not been paid for three months. One Month’s Rent donated the amount she was short, $729.94.
    • Family #15 has six children. Only the father works outside the home; the mother stays at home with the children. One of their children was assaulted and they have had expenses for counseling, legal fees, and transportation. OMR donated $900 for housing.
    • Family # 14 A single father of a 21 month old, was deployed to Iraq for 14 months. He is currently studying nursing while working in a hospital part-time. School and child-care costs put him behind in his rent. We paid $1079 to keep him from being evicted.
    • Family #11 A single mother with 3 children, had her work hours reduced for three months, causing her to fall behind on her mortgage payments. She resumed working full time, but needed $997 to make her mortgage payments and keep her townhouse.
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